Logically Askew was born from the idea that all problems, situations or issues have a solution. This solution should be based on a solid foundation of understanding of the issue (LOGIC) and a creative “out of the box” perspective (ASKEW) towards its resolution.

For my entire life people around me have told me that I have the personality of someone who had an innate sense of order (LOGIC) but was a bit of a “whack-job”(ASKEW). I coined the phrase about 15 years ago…then bought the URL…then promptly sat on the idea until the world was ready. I believe the world is ready…or not. It is really up to you if it is Logical, if it is Askew or if it is the perfect balanced combination.

Logically Askew will deploy experts in every field to assist with both sides of this equation. If you understand the concept right off of the bat, perhaps you could be a Logically Askew Consultant. LACs would be the type of individual that would probably do their line of work even if they were not getting paid — although LA will pay you. Go to the Consultants Page if you think that you can be this type of partner.

If you are a business owner, CEO, manager, entrepreneur and find yourself facing any issue in any aspect of your business; Logically Askew’s main purpose and goal is to help you move beyond this roadblock. Our creative solutions come at a price but in true Logically Askew fashion, you benchmark the budget for the solution. If you are too frugal, we reserve the right to pass but we are in the business of being fair and delivering professional results. This may sound to good to be true but you really have nothing to lose…go to our Puzzles page and make a submission.

Welcome to Logically Askew. This is like nothing that you have ever seen before.

– Jeffrey P. Hunt –

This idea came to me but I cannot own it…it belongs to you if you are willing to take it.